Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Regency Bakery

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We have been importing cheese from around the world for over 30 years to bring Sudbury on of its best cheese selections. With over 70 different types of cheese we have everything you need from making a pizza, todressing up your pastas or simply enjoying with your favourite wine.

Types of Cheese

  • Mozzarella - Enjoy it sliced fresh from the block, pre shredded for your pizza or fresh with bocconchini and buffalo mozzarella. 
  • Cheddar - We have various types of cheddar from all over the world, even Austrailia. Everything from soft sliced cheddar to aged cheddars, white cheddars and flavor infused cheddars.
  • Provolone - We have your standard sliced provolone and provolone picante from Italy.
  • Parmigiano - The staple to every nonnas table has been part of our  cheese line up since day one. We carry Grana Padano, Parmigian Reggiano & Parmiggiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse 

Cold Cuts


We offer a variety of different types of Salami. Have them sliced fresh from on of our deli clerks or you can purchase miniature salami. 

Friulano, Veneto, Calbrese, Genoa, Spressa, Prosciutto Salami & German.